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Jason’s Customized Yearly Astrological Horoscope/Forecast

Jason's customized Yearly Astrological Horoscope/Forecast Report is generated by his Solar Fire software program and then Jason adds some extra Astrological Octane to it. Prior to sending your report, Jason will literally read and go through all of your major and minor planetary transits and progressions for the next year and will personally highlight/underline the most important ones pertaining to your life. Jason then includes his own personal notes (when necessary) on these major periods of the following year and explains in more detail what they mean and how the planetary energies will impact your life. This report is very specific and more detailed than the Solar Fire generated report, and easier for people to understand who do not have prior experience in reading transits/progressions of the planets.


When ordering this report, please include up to five questions that you have regarding any upcoming events over the next 365 days that you would like Jason to provide more information on. Jason will provide more specific details about your upcoming events: what to expect, what to avoid, and how to use and work with the planetary energies of that period ensuring the best possible outcome.  


After placing your order, please include the first and last name of the person the report is for in addition to:


  1. The date of birth - month, day, and year
  2. The exact time of birth. If you do not know the time of birth, you may find it on your original birth certificate or you may call the local office of Vital Statistics in the county you were born in. It is okay to ask your mother as long as she is certain of the time. Remember, your mother was busy giving birth/life to you and in many cases, their memory is fuzzy! If you are unable to find out the exact time, no worries. Jason will use a rectified chart placing the time of birth at 12 noon and in the majority of cases, rectified charts are very accurate.
  3. Location of birth.


For this customized report, please allow up to 7 business days to receive your report and include your email that you would like Jason to send your report to.

Jason’s Customized Yearly Astrological Horoscope/Forecast

$199.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
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