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Meet Jason


Jason Shields is an International Psychic Medium, Healer and author, and healer with thousands of clients all over the world. Jason was born with mild cerebral palsy, a non-progressive brain injury that affects body movement and muscle coordination. Jason was born with amazing gifts: uncanny psychic abilities and mediumship.

Jason’s psychic abilities allow him to see and read what he calls your Soul Chart or Soul Contract. Think of your Soul Chart/Contract as a kind of road map that your soul created before you entered this lifetime. As Jason reads your Soul Chart, he sees the paths/roads on your map as colorful moving lines which Jason calls Timelines. Your timelines reveal your past, present and future of the different areas of your life: love, family, career, health, finances, social situations and even your Life Theme and Purpose.

As a Medium, Jason is able to communicate with your loved ones who have passed, your Spirit Guides, and Angels who are currently assigned to you. As Jason connects with your loved ones, he delivers heartfelt, emotional messages and stunning revelations in his reading and he doesn’t stop there! He teaches you how you can connect and communicate with your loved ones!

My Story


My entry into the world was dramatic, to say the least. My mother and I almost died. The placenta, which provides oxygen to the fetal brain became detached from the uterine wall too soon before I could be delivered, and my mom began to hemorrhage. I suffered brain injury because of the oxygen deprivation. By the grace of God, my mother and I survived. 

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a non-progressive brain injury that affects bodily movement and muscle coordination. In my case, it is a mild version, and to this day, people who meet me for the first time, notice that I am “different” or as I like to say, “unique.”  of cerebral palsy, but it was just enough for people to notice that I was “different.” But CP was not the only thing that would set me apart from others.

On a sunny, summer day around the age of 4, I was out playing in the backyard when I heard a loud buzzing sound coming from behind me. I turned and saw the largest bumblebee I had ever seen. Its body was at least 3” long with a wingspan of 5”! Paralyzed in fear, I screamed and cried for my mom. 

“It’s not a bumblebee silly! It’s a hummingbird,” a voice whispered. A little girl with blond hair appeared from the side hedges. “I’m Lily,” and pointing at the hummingbird, “That’s Oscar…. he won’t hurt you.” Lily appeared to be 6 years-old, wearing a white dress with yellow daisies and white patten leather shoes. She was different from the other children I had seen in the neighborhood. My 4-year-old mind could not comprehend what the difference was until “Grandma Shields” came out of the house to meet me… 

Grandmother Catherine Shields

Catherine Shields (Left) teaching Graphology

Catherine Viola Shields was my paternal grandmother, but we called her Grandma Shields. Catherine was a well-known psychic medium in her time, but she kept her abilities hidden. She was a trained expert in Graphology, the study of handwriting used to infer an individual’s character and personality.  She disguised her reading sessions as “handwriting analysis sessions.” People from all over the country, including two United States presidents as well as several A-list celebrities in Hollywood, would send her samples of their handwriting and in turn, she would call them and conduct sessions over the phone or in person. Later, grandma told me that she used graphology as a tool to focus on the person in order to see their past, present, and future as well as connecting with their loved ones on the Other Side. 

She approached Lily and I with a warm smile and as she bent down to our height, Oscar hovered around to Lily’s side. “You must be Lily! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you from your mother.” Lily’s eyes widened, “You’ve seen my mom?!” 

“Yes, and she is waiting for you to come to her.” Grandma took my hand and began leading me towards the house while Lily and Oscar followed. As we stepped onto the front porch, grandma asked, “Lily, do you see a light?” Lily looked around and then up towards the corner of the porch and smiled. “Mommy!” As she raised her arms up towards the corner, Lily vanished into thin air. 

“Magic!” I shouted. “Yes, it was magical Jason. You helped Lily find her way home to her mother in Heaven.” At that age, I did not understand the concept of Heaven or the Other Side as I now refer to it. The only thing I remember from that day was Lily and Oscar, who flew away shortly after Lily had crossed over. Lily’s spirit visits me occasionally, and when she does, a hummingbird always appears. 

Prayer Candles

I suppressed abilities when I entered the first grade. The students would tease, make fun and bully me because of my disability. The bullying worsened as I entered middle school and I became depressed, developed debilitating panic attacks, and contemplated suicide daily. My parents decided to enroll me in a private Christian school where I felt safe in school since the first grade. Remnants of my abilities would surface occasionally during my high school years. I had suppressed my gifts for so long that I forgot about that summer day with grandma and Lily. Yet, throughout my preteen and teenage years, I was fascinated with the supernatural: ghosts, witches, psychics, casting spells. Grandma Shields did not interfere, somehow she knew that the time would come when my abilities would resurface, and I would embrace them fully.

During my senior year, I went to the bookstore in the mall and standing at the New Age section, I was instinctively led to choose three written on the Tarot, Crystal healing, and Palmistry. Instead of debunking and denouncing them, I ended up purchasing my first deck of Tarot cards. When I brought them home from the bookstore, Grandma Catherine was visiting. As I took the cards out of their box, grandma smiled. She knew I was back on the road to my Destiny.

Grandma Catherine died the following year due to complications from diabetes. It must have been a week after her funeral when my life changed. I was alone in the house sitting at the kitchen table writing in my journal when my grandmother’s spirit appeared before me in a brilliant white light. “Jason, can you see my spirit and hear my voice?” 

“Yes! Yes I can! But how…” 

“Jason, remember…Remember Lily. Remember Oscar. It is time you remember who you were, who you are, and what you can do for so many people in this world. It is your time now! I love you.” In a brilliant flash of the most beautiful white light, Grandma Shields was gone. The flash of light encompassed my entire body for just a moment, and after it was gone, my mind, heart and soul was flooded with images, sounds, voices, and words. The long-forgotten memories of Lily, Oscar, and the other souls, spirit guides and angels I encountered as a child resurfaced in vivid detail. That night, I embraced my gift and accepted my calling. 


I hope to meet you soon and bring you the connection and the hope that you are searching for!  

Psychic Medium Jason Shields

Jason Shields

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