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Ask Jason (1 - 3) Questions Reading

Ask Jason 1 or 3 Questions is a great option to receive answers in a private, digital audio response from Jason sent directly to your phone (One Question Reading only) or your email (Three Questions Reading)!  

Just choose from these areas of your life: Love, Health, Career, Finances, Social, or Spiritual and include them in your email to Jason.

You may not ask questions regarding missing persons or ongoing criminal investigations. 


Keep in mind that Jason receives his answers from his Spirit Guide Gloria along with the use of Tarot Cards/Oracle Decks. As he connects with Gloria and consults the cards, he answers your question to the best of his ability. Most of the time, Gloria will provide a thorough answer for an in-depth question, but for simple questions such as: "Am I with the right person romantically?" "Will I meet my significant other this year," you will receive a shorter answer. 


With that in mind, if you are searching for a more in-depth answer, please be mindful of how you are asking your questions that you are seeking answers to carefully. For example: How do you see me meeting my life partner/significant other? What signs does my loved one send me from the Other Side? 

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