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Beginner's Tarot Course: Tarot Basics

I have been a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher for over 27 years. Many people ask me “What are Tarot cards?” “Can they really predict my future?” “Can I learn how to read them for myself and others?” My answers to all these questions is a resounding YES!


The Beginner's Tarot Course: Tarot Basics is a culmination of 27 years of reading the Tarot for thousands of clients and teaching Tarot Workshops all over the country. I have devised a simple system of learning how to read the Tarot so that anyone can begin reading these mysterious cards after studying the first two lessons in the course and practicing the accompanying exercises.


What's more astounding is that you will learn how to read the Tarot without me providing you with any meanings or references to the cards! Sounds too good to be true, I know! 


Be sure to look at the photo samples of this e-book to see my recommendations on how to choose a study deck and which decks work best with this course so that you will be ready to go from the start!


The entire course is available in PDF format with 106 pages filled with colorful illustrations and graphics along with exercise examples. Take a look at some of the e-book sample photos I have included. I will be with you every step of the way! You are also welcome to print out the PDF as well! In fact, I encourage it! That way, you will be able to highlight, mark up and make your own notes. 


This course is divided into three parts. Part I teaches you what the Tarot is, its history, and how to directly access the meanings of the Tarot using the specially designed lessons and exercises. These exercises are easy, fun and engaging in a way that allows you to tap into your own innate psychic abilities. Once you have mastered the lessons and exercises in Part I, Part II introduces you to my unique Keyword/Sentence System of reading the Tarot. This system provides more detail and structure to both learning and reading the Tarot and expands your psychic development even further. Finally, in Part III, I have included in-depth material on the Traditional Meanings associated with the Tarot along with special occult meanings related to the Four Suits of the Minor Arcana, including the Court Cards. 


Benefits of the Beginner's Tarot Course: Tarot Basics:


  • Learn how to naturally develop and expand your innate psychic abilities using the Tarot.
  • Learn how to trust your natural intuitive instincts while building confidence in those instincts.
  • Learn how to see the past, present and future timelines of your life and the lives of others and how to change them. The Future is not set in stone!
  • Your creative abilities will soar to new heights.
  • You will gain insights into relationships with the people in your life.
  • Your ability to focus and concentrate will increase exponentially.


Once you have completed your purchase, a download link will be sent to your email with instructions on how to download Jason's course. The download will be in PDF format. 


By purchasing this product, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.



Beginner's Tarot Course: Tarot Basics

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