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90 Minute Reading



Are you currently facing a multitude of challenges in your personal or professional life? Allow Jason, with the help of your loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels on the Other Side to provide you with detailed, informative information as to where you are headed, when and if you need to change directions, and discover the purpose and lessons behind them.


In addition, as a behavioral profiler, Jason is able to give you insight into the behaviors of those most important people in your life from family members and friends to bosses and colleagues. Discover the "why" and motivation behind their behavior and how best to react or not react. Is it wise to continue to pursue that particular love interest you have in your life? How do you know if it is wise to accept that job offer that seems to good to be true? 


The answers to these questions can be found in sound, psychological principles and spiritual advice and techniques that you can implement immediately in your life.  

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90 Minute Reading

  • After completing your purchase, please call or text Jason at 317-850-6189 to book your 90-Minute Private Reading.

  • This 90 Minute reading is scheduled for one person only and is available via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or In-Person at Jason's home office in Anderson, IN. 

    If you have one or more people who would like to attend the same session, read about Jason's Two Hour Psychic Medium Group Reading

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