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How Jason Communicates with the Other Side

After doing this work throughout the years, I have realized the process of how I work with those who have crossed over. I am clairaudient (I hear), I am empathic/clairsentient (I feel) and I am clairvoyant (I see symbols). I will psychically feel if I am connecting to a man, woman, child, mother, father, grandparent, etc. Usually they will express this as directional: "above you" means an older person, such as a father, mother, grandmother, grandfather figure. "To your side" means someone who was your contemporary: a brother/sister/cousin/friend. "Below you" indicates someone who was somewhat younger when they passed, such as an infant/child. I will feel how they passed, describe their personality, and do my best to explain what I see and feel so that you know I am connecting to your loved one. 

I hear and receive the information that I am supposed to pass on. It’s not like having a conversation like you’d have with someone who is living. I am connecting to a spirit who no longer has a physical body and we communicate mainly through the power of thought. This is not to say that your Loved One will not use phrases (words that they would often say when they were alive) to convey to you both their identity and their specific messages to you. For example, if a person on the Other Side cussed like a sailor, they will usually insert a few cuss words into the reading! 

I always give you the information about who is coming through before you tell me anything. I usually ask the client not to feed me any information, but just to validate that the evidence coming through is correct and you understand. Usually this will take only the first five minutes of your session. There is always enough time at the end of the reading for more questions.  

We all see symbolically when communicating with spirit (clairvoyance). For example: if I am seeing a symbol for an apple it could mean that the spirit wants me to just say the word “apple.” You may hate apples, however, you could have grown up on a street with the word “Apple” on it or lived near an apple orchard. I give the message as I get the message.

Please pay attention to the information that comes through. It usually does not mean anything to me, but could be very significant to you. Please do not wait to hear what you want to hear. Most of our loved ones on the Other Side already know what they want to say and express. I always give you what I receive from spirit and interpret the information to the best of my ability.

I always remind my clients that all kinds of evidence comes out in a session and some things may seem trivial at the time, but as my clients can attest, it is the small details that are the biggest miracles.

If I give you a name, it does not necessarily have to be from someone who has crossed over. It could be someone living who you and your loved one in spirit are connected with or someone they knew who is either alive or passed. I have no clue where each session will take us. That is what is so exciting. If you do not understand the information being received, record it with your smartphone or write it down and check the information with your family and friends later.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind and listen to the information coming through so you can have a positive and rewarding session.

Suggestions for a Positive Reading


It's important for you to keep an open mind during the whole process, and to be open to receive whatever messages come through and from whomever is trying to connect with you. You never know who will come through! Try to be open to more than just the person you want to hear from.

It's not quite as simple as picking up the phone. Jason cannot "call the dead". You may hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes on a message to a friend coming from one of their relatives. Also you may hear from a relative who you didn't know quite well. Once the door is open – some spirits just want to be acknowledged. There’s usually a reason they’re coming through, but most of the time, it’s about the validation of the connection.

This is not to say you will not hear from a certain person you wish to connect with, it is just that Jason cannot guarantee it. There is a process when doing mediumship and it’s important to honor it.

Jason can only do his best to bring through whoever wants to come through with clarity and evidence. People who have passed on are not coming through to give you predictions. They are coming through to show you that life continues and they are still around you.

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