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Sample Tarot Reading via Email

What is the future of my position at work? Will it be another change for me? Change in location? Change in position?

  1. Foundation Card: Queen of Swords Reversed: In this position, the Queen of Swords reversed is harsh criticism and management (bosses) who set extremely, perhaps unrealistically high standards. It is also indicative of you analyzing your career to death. The Queen of Swords represents the cardinal sign air sign of Libra: a natural-born leader, willing and able to hear both sides to any story. This is you Mary because, at times in the past, you have played the roles of peacemaker, mediator, or judge. As a result of your previous career environment where communication breakdowns were common, you decided to make the change to Bowling Green.                             

  2. Present Card: Six of Swords: The title given to this card is “Earned Success” and at present, you are definitely earning your success! The Six of Swords also means “relief coming after a struggle.” Also in your individual case, it represents a quick journey (business trip) or a series of quick meetings of “shared ideas” while holding different beliefs at the same time. In essence, even though at present, things are kind of “up in the air,” definitive answers regarding your position in the company will come soon and in fact, are in the process of developing now. Six is the number of harmony so despite any outward shows of conflict that you may perceive, harmony is in the midst of change.                                                                               

  3. Near Future Card: Nine of Wands: There will be an alliance formed with an older or more experienced colleague in the company. The Nine of Wands is a card of preparation and Wands in the Tarot relate to career-oriented matters. In essence Mary, in the near future, you will be preparing yourself (or someone in the company) will be preparing (grooming) you to take on a bigger cycle of responsibility.                                                  

  4. Clarification Card for Near Future: Eight of Pentacles: The theme for this card is “Movement.” The craftsman in this card has been set apart from the other workers for his expertise and therefore, he has his own “workshop” to create and focus on his work. This is a metaphor for your future position which is likely to entail you taking over someone else’s role and making it your own. As for timing, the future cards indicate the months of late August to November when this process will start.

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