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Hire Jason on Retainer

Do you have "challenging times" ahead? Could you use a personal guide to help you through the next 30 days? Are you ready to work on yourself spiritually, mentally/emotionally and physically? Now, you can have Jason on retainer as your personal Psychic Medium and Therapist! 


Included in your Retainer

A Full Six Hours ($1200 Value) that can be divided up into:

  1. Psychic Medium Consultations
  2. Therapy Sessions
  3. Behavioral Profiling of Family Members, Friends, Coworkers, People you are currently seeing/dating.
  4. The ability to text or email Jason questions and receive quick answers within 24 hours. 


As with any retainer, Jason will keep track of the time he spends with you, i.e. phone readings and consultations, texting and email replies. He will notify you when 90 minutes is left on your retainer. 


A Detailed Numerology/Astrology Forecast for the Month personally highlighted by Jason showing your major transits/progressions for the Monthly period. ($125 Value)




  1. Your Retainer begins on the date of purchase and lasts up to six months. On the first day of your retainer, email Jason and include what aspects of your life you would like insight on and what aspects of your life you wish to work on and improve: relationships, career goals, health, grief, self-esteem, and what to expect in the near future.
  2. Jason will also help you communicate with your Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side for support and further insight.
  3. In addition, your Retainer includes priority scheduling: you are guaranted to be on Jason's schedule within 3 business days of your initial appointment request, exluding holidays
  4. Your Six-Hour Retainer with Jason including Readings, Therapy Sessions and Text Questions are non-transferrable: this means that you or the person you are purchasing the retainer for must use the services for yourself/himself/herself/themselves.


*This means Jason will not be available to "briefly" talk to or answer questions that your family members, friends, etc. may want to ask. This retainer is for you to use for yourself in order to gain insight and improve your life. 

Hire Jason on Retainer

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