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Two Hour Reading



As an individual, you can book the Two Hour Reading  if you feel you require more time with Jason for a variety of reasons, continue reading below for more information. This Two Hour Reading may also be booked by an individual and a guest or guests of up to 5 people (for an additional $50 per person). This reading, whether individual or group, can be conducted via Phone, Video (Skype, Zoom, Facetime) or in person at Jason's Home Office in Anderson, IN.


For the Individual:

As an individual client, book the Two Hour Reading when you desire to go into deep, profound spiritual, mental, and emotional introspection in your life: your relationships, the patterns/cycles you tend to repeat and the Karmic Lessons you are here to learn, from them. Discover your Soul's Purpose for being here in this lifetime and learn what you were born to become. In addition, Jason will also help you:


  1. Connect with and receive messages from your loved ones who have passed, your spirit guides, and angels who are currently assigned to you.  
  2. Teach you how you can personally connect and communicate with your loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Assigned Angels using your own psychic abilities as well as discovering how they make their presence known to you.  
  3. Every one of us is assigned a Spirit Guide or more at birth to serve us as guides to help us stay on course with our Soul Chart/Soul Contract. You will learn what their names are, what they look like, and the specific duties they serve in your life. Once you learn and get to know your Guides, you will never feel alone again and your life will never be the same.
  4. During certain periods of our lives, we are assigned Angels and sometimes Archangels to help us fulfill our Purpose in Life, aid us in the challenges we are facing, as well as teaching us more about our Higher selves, our gifts, and how to best use them. Jason will connect you with your assigned Angel/Archangel and give your their name, what their spiritual powers/abilities are, why they are with you, and how they can help you.
  5. Discover your own spiritual gifts and how to develop them: Are you an Empath? Psychic? A Medium? Healer? 
  6. Learn of the past lives you have lived and how they are connected to current patterns, traumas, and fears that you may have carried over into this life. 
  7. Ask Jason questions of a psychic nature regarding your current life: What is in store for your love life? Will there be a career change in the near future? What health challenges, if any, will you be facing?
  8. As a Psychic Medium and a trained Therapist and Behavioral Profiler, Jason can help you with understanding the motives and behavior of the people who are in your life. Are you having difficulties communicating with your significant other, children, family members and friends?  


As a Group:

The Two Hour Reading is available for booking solely for the purpose of connecting with your loved ones who have passed on to the Other Side. You, along with up to five people, for an additional $50 per person may attend the same session. It is, however advised that all participants (sitters) be related or looking to connect with the same loved ones (family/friends) who have passed. 


In addition, Jason will also deliver psychic messages/answers to you and your guests regarding questions you and the others have: romance, relationships, career, challenges, life goals and much more.  


To Book a Two Hour Reading with a Guest/Guests:


To add a guest or guests (up to 5), add the Two Hour Reading to your cart and then go to Add Guest(s) Two Hour Reading to add the number of guests who will be joining you. 


Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer



Two Hour Reading

  • As an individual client, after completing your purchase, please call or text Jason at 317-850-6189 to book your Two Hour Reading

    To Book a Two Hour Reading with a Guest/Guests:

    To add a guest or guests (up to 5), add the Two Hour Reading to your cart and then go to Add Guest(s) to Two Hour Reading to add the number of guests who will be joining you. 

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