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Hypno-Imaging Therapy

Hypno-Imaging is a mental technique rooted in the practice of hypnotherapy. Jason created this new technique after years of working with thousands of clients using standard hypnotherapy. Hypno-Imaging guides you progressively into a deep, physical relaxation and simultaneously places your brainwaves into an Alpha State. The Alpha State can be used for implanting affirmations, suggestions to change negative habits or though patterns into positive ones, and accessing the Other Side to visit with Loved Ones. 


Hypno-Imaging allows you to take control of your own mind and body as you learn the 4 Steps/Sequences involved resulting in:


Improved Sleep


Improved Focus and Concentration

Stress Relief

Astral Travel

Accessing Past Lives

Visiting the Other Side


Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer

Hypno-Imaging Therapy

$100.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
  • After completing your purchase, please call or text Jason at 317-850-6189 to book your One Hour Reading. 

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